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Coldfells (US) - Coldfells LP

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The debut full length album from Coldfells. 5 songs/40 minutes of Blackened Doom. 

This Bundle Includes:

- Coldfells Black Vinyl LP with Lyric Sheet/Download Code 
- "Black Breath" 2 Song Demo CD 
- Coldfells Logo Embroidered Patch

“Visions of deep desire lay dormant, broken into fragments by an icy stare from the haggard, furrowed brow of nature - its cruel intent, to taunt the soul with beauty always out of reach, that disappears like mist with time…”

A winter night of introspection demands appropriate accompaniment, and for that, the blackened doom of Coldfells provides a perfect soundtrack to journeys outside frozen windows and within frozen souls. Call it doom, yes, but doom with classic heavy metal tropes: unabashedly melodic guitar lines parallel each torn-throat roar, and triumphant, power-laden clean / choir vocals ride upon the the genre’s earmarks of slowness and sorrow. Around its edges, however, the music’s epic black metal influence is never far, rounding out a recipe with riffs and blasts that enhance rather than dilute the anguish of the proceedings. And there is anguish aplenty, as each member of this trio reached beyond their past projects to unearth something new within themselves, whether its vocalist/guitarist Aaron Carey’s (Nechochwen, End, Infirmary) wrenchingly personal and ultimately universal storytelling; bass/drummer/backing vocalist Andrew D’Cagna’s (Nechochwen, Obsequiae, Unwilling Flesh) tenor causing all fists to rise on “All Night We Flew”, or guitarist Jonny Doyle’s (Plaguewielder, Horse Drawn) unflinching riffs dragging hearts down into gloomy darkness. But the true connecting fiber of this band - the aura of their Appalachian surroundings - encapsulates the album’s sonic purpose: "… to see the winter Appalachian landscapes we grew up around ... the dead trees, grey skies, run-down mill towns ... but, besides everything being desolate … that it's still beautiful.”

Bindrune Recordings and Eihwaz Recordings are proud to co-release the self-titled Coldfells debut on a limited run of 100 hand-numbered LPs, part of a bundle including a digital download code, an embroidered patch, and a professionally replicated CD version of the two Coldfells demo tracks, “Dungeons Deep” and “On Carven Throne”.

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