Panopticon - Scars II: The Basics (Pre-Order)
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Panopticon - Scars II: The Basics (Pre-Order)

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**This is a pre-order item. The record should be in hand sometime in July. We will update when we know more. This and any other item ordered, will be held until the Scars II album arrives from the plant. Thanks.
-Limited to 400 copies
-Milky clear wax.
-Poly Lined Inner Sleeve.
-Heavy stock Jacket
Panopticon : Scars II.... the Basics
In 2019 a stripped down guitar and voice only version of  "The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Part II" was recorded and released on a digital only format. These recordings have become the way that those songs have been performed since  before the record was even released, so it is nice to have them available on vinyl for the first time.

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