Drudkh/Grift - Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar Split 12" (Black)
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Drudkh/Grift - Betrayed By The Sun / Hägringar Split 12" (Black)

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Spawned from the same source, but with different names.

Hembygdsångesten återvänder – Grift returns! By now we should all know what that means. We where all mesmerized by Erik Gärdefors latest album ”Syner (2015)” which set a tone for what Grift really is and reflected it's uniqueness. This new EP by multi-instrumentalist Gärdefors, shaped and released in collaboration with Ukraine's own Drudkh, continues where ”Syner” said farewell. Hägringar (Mirages) bids us on an even more down to earth experience where the en-devours in life back in the old days are re-discovered and uphold. A brilliant interpretation of a mans struggle to find his path in a primitive world.

Be sure to check out the short cinematic Grift teaser. Captured by photographer Stormvild and edited by Grift:

Drudkh premieres “His Twenty-Fourth Spring”:

The collaborative release between Grift & Drudkh is presented in co-operation with the French label Season of Mist. Scheduled for release on September 16. The LP is embraced by a beautiful gate fold sleeve with cover artwork by the Finnish visual artist Magnus Enckell (1870-1925) and includes lyrics and liner notes. Available in 2 different colours, silver & black.



Drudkh & Grift -  Зраджені  Cонцем (Betrayed By The Sun)

1. Його Двадцять Четверта Весна (His Twenthy- Fourth Spring)

2. Осінь В Сепії (Autumn in Sepia)

Grift – Hägringar (Mirages)

1. Källan (The Source)

2. Cirkeln (The Circle)

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