Vukari (US) - Divination Digipak CD
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Vukari (US) - Divination Digipak CD

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With such an impressive and emotive body of work behind them in the form of the debut full-length, "Matriarch,” and an MLP, "En to Pan,” Chicago's Vukari have tapped into a very prolific strand of creativity since their 2013 inception. Dense atmosphere meets an airy and often-frantic form of black dominant metal, with post and mystical elements that also arise from the band's focused and adventurous core. Vukari's debut for Bindrune Recordings is "Divination,” a twisting monolith of dense sound eager to be witnessed as the band burrows deep within the core of human experience. With a new lead guitarist (Rich Stancato of Valley Of Hinnom) adding a fresh layer of creativity, the album cultivates an ever-changing, yet always profound series of emotions to arrive at what could be considered an enlightened form of black metal ascension. Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Marek Cimochowicz describes "Divination" as a historical fiction concept record following a lowly patrician during ancient Roman times, and his thirst for power. Through a series of dreams he encounters a symbol that guides him. By using this symbol at the forefront of his campaign, he gains a substantial amount of political and military support. Soon following, his immense power distorts his reality and all his supporters will suffer the consequences of putting their trust into one man. All aspects of the album's production were handled by the band itself, except for mastering by Justin Weis at Trakworx in San Francisco (Agalloch, Pallbearer, Ludicra, Slough Feg, Vhol). Divination was recorded and mixed entirely by the band's bassist and sound engineer Spenser Morris (Panopticon, Saor, Fuath, Grift). Attentive tracking in three different professional studios in Chicago, IL lead to a lush mix of aggressive yet natural sounding acoustic drums, dense layers of guitars, and powerful bass guitar. The album layout and design was handled by drummer Mike DeStefano, excellently accompanying the dark, dense atmosphere of the album and its lyrical theme. Vukari is working hard to capitalize on this work and continue to bring their material to the live setting as shows are eagerly being planned for the summer. In 2016 alone, the band has shared the stage with Taake, Young And In The Way, Vattnet Viskar, Vemod, Falls Of Rauros, Waldgefluster, Alda, Woman is the Earth, and many more. If this excellent live entity appears in a town near you, get out and support powerful music from one of the midwest's finest metal bands!

Track Listing:
1. Divination I
2. Divination II
3. Cursus Honorum
4. Invictus Maneo
5. Ad Delerium I
6. Ad Delerium II
7. Sovereignty Through Extreme Tyranny
8. Bathe In The Divine Light

What the critics are saying:

"The more I hear “Divination,” the more I am excited about the music itself and Vukari in general. The plot of the album is sobering and a little terrifying when placed against modern times, and the music builds expertly from the tale’s seeds being planted to the cataclysmic ending. This is one of a handful of really great, eye-opening black metal albums that have come out this year, and it’s well worth your time to immerse yourself in this body, mind, and spirit. And you might even get a step ahead of so many other people by actually learning a little something from history." - Meat Mead Metal

“Divination” is an 8-track trip of top notch black metal that every now and then implements atmospheric elements to give the music a feel that truly gets underneath your skin. The majority of the record is a blast of searing aggression that never ceases to end as Vukari have truly got the ideal sound that fits them perfectly to where each track throughout “Divination” is an amazing time that fans of sheer intensity mixed with the sickest riffs that don’t sound recycled or boring will find themselves absolutely drooling over because of how grand Vukari pulled everything off.” -Headbanger Reviews

“You know when a musical force gives you chills as you think this is something you have heard before but know it's so much more well Vukari is giving me that vibe full on. This is clearly Atmospheric Black Death with a huge does of Avant and Post whatever feelings. Vukari has the emotional connection down to sorrow, bleak, heartbroken tones.” -Absolute Zero Media

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