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Bhleg (Swe) – Solarmegin 2CD (Pre-Order)

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This massive double CD release comes in a vinyl gatefold replica, fully printed inner sleeves and custom illustrations. All parts are printed on heavy recycle stock. 

The Sun: life-giver to all beings, great and small. It always has, and will long after mankind is dead and gone. It is what warms the earth and pulls life from the soil. Even in this modern age, the world is indebted to the Sun, this ageless being, for vitalizing sustenance.

 "Solarmegin", the principle and celebration of the Sun, culminates four years of ancient meditation and solar worship at the hands of the brothers of Swedish folk metal duo Bhleg. The 98 minutes of this rugged, earth-bound gratitude to the distant sphere of fire was only composed on the brightest of days, a sun-fulfilled being all its own. 

Like any other plant, animal, human which owe its life to the sun, the folk metal of "Solarmegin" is jagged, blemished, imperfect. It is naltural, a being of soil and organic matter as ancient and weathered as the primeval music and cultures which inspired its composition.

 Their lengthy, two disc solar celebration does not shine, much like soil does not shine. This is folk metal which predates the genre's plastic self. Bhleg is a reminder that the folk eement of folk metal is age-old, a primitive art which is meant to be cracked and earthen.


01 - Alvstråle 
02 - Sunnanljus 
03 - Alyr - helgedomen 
04 - Gudomlig grönska 
05 - Alstrande sol  
06 - Livslågans flammande sken 
07 - Kraftsång till Sunna  

08 - Hymn till skymningen
09 - Skuggspel 
10 - Solvagnens flykt 
11 - Kärleksrit 
12 - Frö (växtlighetens fader) 
13 - Solens ankomst

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