Panopticon - ...And Again Into the Light 2LP/CD Pre-Order
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Panopticon - ...And Again Into the Light 2LP/CD Pre-Order

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** PLEASE NOTE! This is a pre-order item. Any other item included with this order will be held and shipped out with this pre-order item once the records are available by the May 31 release date (sooner or later, depending on when the goods arrive. Keep in mind, these are pandemic times and delays occur!)

Product Details:

-2LP standard weight vinyl

-Cloudy Sky (blue and white) vinyl color

-10" sized, 12 page booklet

-heavy weight, gatefold jacket

-Poly Lined Inserts

-Comes with a CD

-Comes with a Download Card


Kentuckian living in Minnesota returns with his most sorrowful, introspective album yet. A search for hope in a bleak world. Easily the darkest and heaviest record of his entire career. 

Check out the video for the track, "Know Hope" at the Bindrune youtube page here:

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