Anal Blasphemy (Fin) - Perversions of Satan CD
Hammer of Hate

Anal Blasphemy (Fin) - Perversions of Satan CD

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Taken from Worm Gear Zine!! "With a name like Anal Blasphemy, one forms an opinion what they are going to hear before they ever push play, and in some cases, this being one of them, I question if I really want to hit play at all. But for the sake of science and the fact that I’m a seeker to the point where curiosity will always get the best of me, I fearlessly enter the sonic anal cave of blasphemy anyway fully ready to be crippled (and underwhelmed) by an indecipherable mash of demo era Beherit meets your dad’s leaf blower. This was thankfully NOT the case! As the minimal, though engaging old school attack of the title track Perversions of Satan erupt with conviction and well-written bite, I am once again reminded to NEVER judge a band by their name or how I think it’s going to be. Though you’re admittedly not going to be experiencing anything remarkable on the originality front with this release (which I’m fine with), the material sounds like it was crafted in the early 90′s…. and it’s damn good. A.B. Have thankfully avoided blast beats in favor of menacingly sinister sounding riffs that plow along in power chord abandon along with some interestingly sick dissonant chord structures as witnessed from the dark emanations arising from the album closer, “Altar of Indulgence”. Anal Blasphemy sit quite comfortably in that nebulous realm where the death and black metal worlds violate the goat for the dark lord as this style just feels that much more authentic and powerful from this union of genres. The album sounds like it was recorded analog and live, and while the murky sound is a level of lo-fi that embraces a bit of a basement quality, the recording fits the material perfectly and is pleasing in it’s affinity for metal the old way. Plus the fact you can hear every instrument and nuance, the sound becomes an integral part of Anal Blasphemy’s S&M dungeon atmosphere. Add perverse samples to the satanic ritual and Molestor Kadotus’ tormented/atypical screaming style and you have a monument of filth that endures the ages with it’s lust for simplistic, though mighty anthems to life in spiritual hell. Anal Blasphemy have impressed me with their style and for it, they stand out as a unique entity in a country that has made a name for itself with a glut of bands playing more of a punk crust meets black metal delivery. Well done. -Marty
Hammer of Hate"

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