Bindrune Recordings

Bindrune Recordings - Gateways to the North Zip Hoodie

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*Please note: We will be amassing orders for these a week at a time to get the exact number to be printed. So this means this is reminiscent to a week long pre-order. If you are not patient, maybe skip this product! Thanks! 

Printed on **Canvas brand Zip Fleece.

3 sided print, white ink on black shirts.

Left chest, full back, left sleeve.

Artwork by Austin Lunn!

*Since the pandemic, there has been an ongoing shortage on hooded sweatshirts. The plan is to print on Canvas Brand, but should a size be out of stock, a different brand hoodie will be substituted. Also, Canvas only goes through XX, so anything over that size will be substituted to a different brand. THANKS!

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