Lustre (Ger) - Still Innocence LP
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Lustre (Ger) - Still Innocence LP

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LP details:

- 3 mm jacket with gold print
- Insert with lyrics and liner notes
- Black vinyl

 In today’s callous world of over-inflated egos calling their ill-thought out shots, not to mention ruinous environmental politics, innocence among humankind is hard to come by. That is why we turn to the arts and to music in particular to reconnect with our long buried child-like sense of wonder. Fortunately Lustre have retained their shine and naiveté to serve as a portal to a simpler world where innocence and beauty reign.

And so it is time to let go of your earthly being ‘like leaves of fall’ and travel beyond the imagination, past ‘reverence road’ until you reach the world ‘without end’, where the music sparkles like stars and magic fills the air. 

Let Still Innocence serve as your spiritual guide as you unburden yourselves of the shackles of these difficult times, to reconnect with your true self, replete with curiosity and unpolluted by the cynicism that has built up over years of being exposed to countless horrors.


1. Dreaded Still 
2. Nestle Within 
3. Let Go Like Leaves Of Fall 
4. Reverence Road 
5. Without End

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