Panopticon - Roads to the North 2LP Reissue

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Just located a handful of copies in our warehouse during spring cleaning. Snap up the US version of this 2nd pressing before they are gone.... again!

We are pleased to announce that Panopticon's critically acclaimed Roads to the North has finally been repressed after being sold out for a number of years!! This will be an EXACT repress of the original and 2nd pressing! People have been asking for this monster to become available again and we have heard the call!

Following up the critically acclaimed Kentucky, Roads... is the logical evolution into pure and passionate artistic expression. With Panopticon's solid foundation of emotive black metal armed with musical influences that proudly uphold traditional Americana (folk and bluegrass) elements, Roads to the North expands and destroys with melodic death metal harmonies, increased technical proficiency and a full/professional sound that propels this material into new realms of expression for Panopticon. Savagery and gripping emotion... Sole visionary Austin Lunn's journey away from his home state has been beautifully documented on Roads to the North along with all the heartache, sorrow and triumph that followed him along the way.


If you are in Europe, order your copy here:

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