Panopticon - The End is Growing Near Cassette (PRE-ORDER)
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Panopticon - The End is Growing Near Cassette (PRE-ORDER)

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**This is a pre-order item. Any other items ordered with this shall be held and ship with the tape when they are in from the plant. Please be patient!
These are unreleased old recordings that were mixed and updated by Spenser Morris.
A cassette pressing limited to 300 pieces ( 150 on clear green shells and 150 on solid green shells) will be available via and the panopticon merch store.

TEIGN is a recorded rant about the continuing climate crisis and the environmental degradation that continues to happen as a result of our society’s fixation on convenience. Our world burns right in front of us and all we do is ask to be more comfortable rather than getting up to put out the flames.
HA-II is about the horrific history of murderous events perpetrated against indigenous people in north america by colonizers and early americans as well as ALL eras of the american government and it’s citizens.
a percentage of the profits of this cassette will be donated to indigenous groups in minnesota. thank you for supporting.


released July 19, 2022

panopticon is: a.lunn : everything
these songs were written in and between 2008 and 2010.
they were unreleased and abandoned songs from between the COLLAPSE and OTSOM era.
edited and mixed by Spenser Morris in 2022
guest vocals on TEIGN by death metal dave
recorded at the cricket cave.

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