PANPHAGE & THUL - Ginnheilagr CD
Nordvis Produktion

PANPHAGE & THUL - Ginnheilagr CD

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CD re-issue of this phenomenal split release between PANPHAGE and THUL.

This rare release was originally only released on cassette in a sparse quantity. Nordvis are glad to present this collaborative work between two truly unique artists – now for a wider audience. The significant style of PANPHAGE is perfectly woven together with the gloomy ambient soundscapes of THUL. Remarkable.


1. Thul - Canis 
2. Panphage - Konungr+Lopt 
3. Thul - Lynx 
4. Panphage - Släkten solen ser i åkrar sjunka ned 
5. Thul - Ursus 
6. Panphage - Ginnheilug God 
7. Thul - Ginnheilagr

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