Paths - In Lands Thought Lost LP (Pre-Order)
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Paths - In Lands Thought Lost LP (Pre-Order)

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Paths - In Lands Thought Lost LP Details:
-500 copies
-Red VInyl
-2 Sided insert
-Thick, Reverse Board Jacket
-Stunning artwork by Sólfjall Design
-digital download

Paths create stunning and vicious Scandinavian inspired black metal from Victoria, BC Canada. In Lands Thought Lost is the 3rd and most stylistically developed full-length from this crushing musical entity.

Featuring Austin Lunn from Panopticon as a sessions drummer, In Lands Thought Lost writhes with exacting speed and tasteful dynamics rhythmically, while dissonant waves of hook laden melody create an album full of memorable bangers that will demand repeated listens. The scathing vocals of Michael Taylor further hurl these excellent songs into the flames.

Melody and atmosphere unite for a vibrant black metal album that summons your spirit back to the 90's to walk beneath an ancient moonlit sky once again!


track stream for the song "To Brave the Storm"

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