PRAG 83 (Swe) – Fragments of Silence CD (Pre-Order)
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PRAG 83 (Swe) – Fragments of Silence CD (Pre-Order)

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Sometimes all it takes is to be out there. In the misty, cold dark reality and be alone. A suburban street with impotent street lights failing to break through the spell of the fog. A city underpass with the pungent smell of urine the only reminder of other human existence. Or a windswept moor after midnight with owl’s silently devouring rodents and foxes quietly careening past as you realize your own insignificance. In such situations creative sparks are born and the sounds of the Earth reveal themselves. Herr K has clearly been listening, as Fragments Of Silence offers a portal into the eerie, yet unmistakably earthly void. Metamorphoses, was an homage to Kafka and while the bleakness of Fragments…tips a grey, tattered cap in the direction of the great man, it draws greater strength from our existential state and especially from the murky world of nightly dreams. “You are free, and that is why you are lost” Kafka reminds us. But listen closely and you will see yourself in Herr K’s sonic mirror and remember that ‘found and enslaved is no match for ‘lost and free’, especially in a world painted in such a stark, yet enchanting monochrome.


1. Animae 
2. Passers-by 
3. The silent earth 
4. Animae II 
5. A dream 
6. Roads 
7. The silent earth II 
8. Animae III

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