Robe - Bleak Limited CDR
Crucial Blast

Robe - Bleak Limited CDR

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..rumbling, creeping ambience and oozing, blackened bottom end raked with the blare of distant horns, smeared trumpets echoing across a vast ocean of black sludge, evil screeching violins time-stretched into endless drones, an immensely oppressive and threatening atmosphere drifting over formless glacial guitar/bass grind like plumes of pungent black smoke. It's like hearing corroded, distressed blasts of orchestral sound, broken and warped BM guitars and clanking machinery rotting beneath massive waves of low-end heaviness; the same reference points that I used for their Remains Of A Burning World apply equally here (Abruptum's Casus Luciferi, Neuntoter Der Plage, and Aderlating's most atmospheric moments), but leaning even more towards a sort of surrealistic industrial nightmare...

Professionally packaged in a DVD case.

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