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Waldgeflüster (Ger) - Meine Fesseln CD

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Bindrune, in cooperation with Black Blood Records, is proud to announce Germany's Waldgeflüster's 3rd full-length album. Bindrune has released Meine Fesseln for North America, and Black Blood will handle these duties in Europe.

Meine Fesseln is a stirring album that embraces a woodland black metal aesthetic, while implementing folk and emotive atmospheres to encourage the listeners thoughts to wander through landscapes where the mist holds court over the land. With a full-arsenal of guest musicians that did guest spots on this album, Meine Fesseln is a very eclectic and mature work of art that yearns for a wider reach and Bindrune is thrilled to bring this opus to North America.

For Meine Fesseln, Winterherz worked with high-profile guest musicians and longtime friends:

Drums: Tobias Schuler of ‚Der Weg einer Freiheit‘ and ‚Fuck You and Die‘
Solo guitar and mandolin: A.Lunn of ‚Pantopticon‘ and ‚Seidr‘
Violin: Johann Becker of ‚Austaras‘ and ‚Vukari‘
Kantele: Janne Väätäinen of ‚Haive‘
Piano: Lukas Danninger of ‚The Course is Black‘
Additional Vocals: Arvagr of ‚Dagnir en Gwann‘
Electronics: Aimo Fuchs

Tracklist ‚Meine Fesseln‘

01. Der Nebel
02. Karhunkierros
03. Wie eine Weide im Wind
04. Trauerweide Teil I
05. Wenn die Morgensonn…
06. Mit welchen Fesseln
07. Trauerweide Teil II

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