Waldgefluster/Panopticon - Split 12" Clear w/ Brown Splatter

Waldgefluster/Panopticon - Split 12" Clear w/ Brown Splatter

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- This order is for the Clear w/ Brown Splatter Variant of this split!
- Reserve board jacket
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It's a rare occasion to hear a cooperative work between two artists that fits so well together as this creation lets us experience. On this split album Panopticon and Waldgefluster really transcends into a single musical entity. A musical entity that sparks of excellent artistry which offers us a moving atmospheric journey, an adventure where the music itself becomes a soundtrack for true friendship and brotherhood.

You will be stuck in a whirlwind of melancholic metal and suddenly thrown into beautiful acoustic passages, reminiscent of an old man sitting in his rocking chair playing his banjo. This is an album with many faces, many memories and it's magic will definitely make you not forget this journey.


1. Der Traumschänder (Waldgeflüster)
2. Norwegian nights  (Waldgeflüster)
3. Håkan's song (Panopticon)
4. Trauerweide II (Panopticon)

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