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Wilt (Can) - Moving Monoliths Digipak CD

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"Moving Monoliths" is a crushing feat that has been labored over for quite some time. By digging deeply inward, the songwriting core of this band has dredged the mournful depths of the self to unveil a unique glimpse into the human condition, for all its faults, heartbreak and despair. The results are impressive as Wilt skillfully unveils a wide range of emotion and atmosphere on these 4 lengthy tracks to effortlessly entwine the creative forces of black and doom metal to call their own. A fierce live entity in their own right, Wilt has broken the "studio project" mold to bring this quintet's jarring sound and fire to the masses as they are soon to embark on a Canadian Tour. Moving Monoliths is a fantastic debut full-length and we at Bindrune are proud to share this crushing entity with you all.

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