Falls of Rauros (US) - Believe in No Coming Shore CD
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Falls of Rauros (US) - Believe in No Coming Shore CD

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Believe in no Coming Shore, Falls of Rauros' much anticipated 3rd album, is a masterwork of emotive and passionate black metal influenced music, that finds this Maine quartet evolving even deeper into their art and love for their instruments.

Thoughts on the album run wild, for this opus finds Falls really coming in to their own special and vibrant sound. The harsh/desperately screamed vocals are still in full force, as are the fundamentals of their atmospherically charged form of black metal, but Believe in no Coming Shore unlocks a brilliant web of passionate guitar work that seizes the spirit of Americana, rock, folk and most importantly… freedom. The very thought of it spills out of this amazing work. Such careful integration feels like an extension of this bands spiritual core and the music takes on a hypnotic wanderlust to carry the listener deeper into the aether.

Bindrune Recordings will be handling the release of this CD/LP in North America, and Nordvis will do the same in Scandinavia/Europe and we are eager to bring such a colorful album to the masses!

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