Infera Bruo (US) - In Conjuration Digipak CD
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Infera Bruo (US) - In Conjuration Digipak CD

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Here's what some folks have had to say about In Conjuration!

With In Conjuration, Infera Bruo have taken all the impressive stylistic traits conjured on the debut, and made another album full of essential and unique blackness that sounds like it is on fire thanks to an even fuller production. Structural creativity, lethal playing, commanding screams and meticulously placed hooks writhe at the core of this excellent album and we are pleased to finally have the opportunity to bring it to the masses!

"Infera Bruo are great at keeping us guessing what’s next, and their second record “In Conjuration” catapults them even higher up the list of bands unafraid of challenging black metal’s borders. Yeah, the music is plenty dark and vicious enough, but what makes this group so special is their unwavering commitment to keep dreaming bigger and more colorfully. That approach is to their benefit, as well as their listeners, who crave for something unlike anything they’ve heard before." -Meat Mead Metal

"Whether the music is galloping, ripping, rocking, or swarming like a great mass of hornets — and even in those brief moments of the album when the pacing slows and the volume tails off — the music holds fast to your attention and remains committed to its philosophy: For all its mesmerizing progressive flourishes and rhythmic dynamics, this is still black metal, dark and disquieting to the core. Outstanding music from an inventive band that’s very much worth your time." -No Clean Singing

"One very pleasing and quite mesmerising record which made me want to listen to it again and again. Progressive metal is something I don’t always find appealing, but if you find a band that makes it sound good to you, then this is a record to look out for. Progressive black metal at its finest." -

"Genre: Black Metal
An air of unpredictability hovers over In Conjuration, where stark noise can have a modicum of melody elevating it. Synths find their place without overwhelming the other musicians and bitter screams lend room for passionate singing." Rating 4/5

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