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Seidr (US) - Ginnungagap 2CD

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Seidr - Ginnungagap 2CD
Behold… the fires grow and release sparks skyward to join with the cosmos where infinity invites the energy to rest within her solar womb. Ginnungagap has built upon the endlessly impressive foundation constructed on the debut with more elements of drone, folk and an even deeper glimpse into the emotions and spiritual conflict of the trio behind Seidr as they glimpse with wonder to the heavens to ponder the age old questions, “why am I here and how do I use the star stuff coursing through my veins to make sense of it all?” Difficult questions sure to cross the minds of all of us, but this band truly poured their souls into the creation of this release, so that the outcome shines with an endlessly crushing and hauntingly beautiful answer… the beginning and ending is irrelevant… the universe has always existed, and will always exist.

With an organic and dense sound field captured by the band and further realized/mixed/mastered by Colin Marston, Ginnungagap is an endlessly deep well of sound textures that sculpt these songs with reverence and envelope them with waves of sincerity. With hearty contributions to this album by Chet Scott (Blood of the Black Owl/Cycle of the Raven Talons), Jack Hannert (Kolga/Giant Kind) and Kyle (Lake of Blood), Ginnungagap is a product of close friends and spiritual family coming together to create one of the best albums you will hear in 2013, if not in recent memory and Bindrune is thankful to bring this labor of love home to all of you.

“each moment of motion reveals that there’s a ghost clearly in this machine, some engrained idiosyncrasy tearing the track apart from the inside. The rhythm slides wildly against the riff, and ghoulish harmonies conjure an outward, near-astral projection.” -Pitchfork

“The songwriting is simultaneously more ambitious and focused, with a strong sense of travel and change throughout the album. This is a vital quality for a band writing songs as long as 25 minutes (!!!) long, and Seidr shows an excellent sense for reining in these massive tracks with only the most essential riffs and constant variation from ominous dirges, triumphant ascents from the darkness, cold and unearthly electronics, and even a rousing, beautiful folk track.” -Worm Gear Zine

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