5/5/19 Webshop Update!

-Bindrune 10 CD Grab Bag!
10 Bindrune CDs for $40? Oh the humanity!
Not going to tell you which titles will be in the box and honestly, ordering 2 copies of this, will more than likely give you the same CDs both times. So we're warning you now, DO NOT do a dbl order unless you want duplicates!! Help us clean out the warehouse a bit! Posting for a limited time.
-Armagedda (Swe) - Ond Spiritism LP
-Bindrune Recordings Embroidered Patch
-Murg - Strävan LP
-Nechochwen/Bhleg - Split 7" Pre-Order-Panphage (Swe) - Storm LP
-Panopticon - Roads to the North 2LP
Just located a handful of copies in our warehouse during spring cleaning. Snap up the US version of this 2nd pressing before they are gone.... again!
-Skogen (Swe) - Eld 2LP
-Sorcier Des Glaces (Can) -"Snowland MCMXCVIII - MMXII" 2LP
-Waldgefluster (Ger) - Mondscheinsonaten DLP
Bindrune Release news coming very soon, along with pre-order announcement for a could of titles you've all been eagerly awaiting!

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