Chaos Moon and Panopticon re-issues forthcoming

Finally some news!!
As most of you know, the PVC shortage and general covid woes at the worldwide pressing plants for all things vinyl, is at an all time low/crawl due to demand. This has pushed the 4 releases we have currently at the plant, back until March/April of 2022.
YES, Panopticon - ...And Again Into the Light LP (2nd Pressing) is one of these titles. We hope to be announcing pre-orders for that at some point on Saturday, 11/6.
2 other items we have at the plant, and are expecting test pressings for them both soon, are the following:
- Chaos Moon - Languor Into Echoes, Beyond DLP (Comes w/ a CD and dload card)
-Panopticon - Collapse DLP (Comes w/ a CD and dload card)
Both releases are fan favorites and have been long awaited to see the light of day on vinyl (Chaos Moon), or a long overdue 2nd pressing (Panopticon).
More news and pre-order announcements when the information is available!
Check the flyer below for more information! Spread the word!

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