Nechochwen/Bhleg 7" news and site announcement!

Distro update:
Nechochwen/Bhleg - Split 7" Pre-Order
Bindrune Recordings Patches
Sorcier Des Glaces (Can) -"Snowland MCMXCVIII - MMXII" 2LP

Go to the home page/recent items to snag one of each!

This blog vs.
Since the appreciated birth of this webshop platform, we have been giving you news for all Bindrune activities here in these blog posts. From here on out, it will be used strictly for new additions to the webshop only, whether it be Bindrune, Nordvis, or other items.

For in-depth Bindrune news, visit and bookmark starting today! a whole mess of news is up there now for your perusal! 

Thanks for the continued support!



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