Announcing.... Pan - The Boreal Coast LP Pre-Orders!

-Heavy Jacket
-Standard Weight LP
-Gold LP with black splatter
-2 sided insert


Pan is an adventurous union of styles within the metal world. By embracing the heaviness of death metal, the hook laden groove of doom and the mystical atmosphere of black metal, this Michigan based power trio has employed the tools of the trade to create their own special arsenal of sound. Looking deep within the ancient traditions and tales that still to this day, roll in and breathe between the waves of our mighty Great Lakes, Pan has crafted a very poignant and special album, steeped in lore that nods in favor of a more primordial time of existence. 

The Boreal Coast is a rich tome of expertly written and catchy material that explodes with weighty progressions... deeply tuned power chords swirl within endless hooks, while moments of folk inspired melodies further elevate the whole of this album to the top of your listening pile. Challenging song structures and a full bodied sound production demonstrate how Pan has evolved and found themselves over the course of 3 albums. The Boreal Coast is a challenging and rewarding listen from this excellent band.

*Please Note... The Boreal Coast is not a Bindrune Recordings release, rather we are definitely fans of what they do and these guys are friends of the label, so we are helping them out!! Help yourself out by giving this one a spin!

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