Panopticon - On The Subject of Mortality LP Re-Issue!

Bindrune and Nordvis are pleased to announce the stand alone re-issue of Panopticon's classic and emotive album, On the Subject of Mortality! We begin accepting pre-orders today as a December release date is approaching!

This LP re-issue has the same mix and master as on the “Revisions of the past” edition.

LP details:
- Colored vinyl: Transparent electric blue with royal blue splatter and white opaque splatter
- 3 mm spined jacket with silver foil print
- Insert with album explanations.

The album has been painstakingly completely reworked, re-amped, cleaned up and remixed by Spenser Morris as well as re mastered by Colin Marston to sound the way the album was originally intended.

Atomic Rooster, with the help of William Blake made the point of letting you know that Death Walks Behind You – a key lesson in all of our lives. We are a blip on Earth’s vast radar and we are all destined to return to the soils. Austin Lunn explores the concept of our mortality on this stunning early Panopticon opus, given a fitting reissue. Louisville, Kentucky may seem an unlikely wellspring for black metal, but not only has it given us Panopticon, but there is also the indubitable fact that said band are one of the most inventive addition to the black metal canon in (relatively) recent years. Six slices of pained beauty, led by trademark flair-filled guitar lines combine to create Lunn’s singular soliloquy to the deep, dark abyss that awaits us all. It is time, therefore, to rewind and re-tread our aural steps through these six songs and scream along with our guide “there is no God, there is no God, THERE IS NO GOD!”

1. Living in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
2. Living Eulogy
3. To Make an Idol
4. A Message to the Missionary
5. ...Seeing...
6. Watching You

Hoodie and a shirt design are also available from Bindrune for Pre-Order.

Pre-Order in N. America here:

Pre-Order in Europe here:

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