Alda Passage 2LP and Shirt Design NOW AVAILABLE!

The time has finally arrived for the highly anticipated and severely delayed LP treatment for Alda's fantastic 3 full length release, Passage. 

And it has been worth the wait, for this lush gatefold presentation along with a 12 page booklet and red opaque vinyl, turned out fantastic.

All pre-orders shipped weeks ago. Thank you one and all for your patience!

If you live overseas, be sure to check out Eisenwald's website, for they co-released this gem as well for those of you not wanting to pay horrendous shipping costs!

Also check out the site to secure yourself a beautifully designed Coyote shirt that Alda sold on their recent European tour. 

Panopticon - The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Pt. 1 & 2
The latest opus from Panopticon has been available for several months now on CD, 2LP and digital formats. We were so literally swamped with filling your pre-orders and all the work that goes into it on a non existent staff, that I couldn't find the time to make a full announcement of it's release until now.  Finally I have removed the "pre-order" status for all the variants surrounding this release and we have re-stocked the 2CD box sets for those of you who have been requesting them. Act fast, for they should move quickly.

Along with those 2 big announcements, we have added a few new and re-stocked titles to the webshop which include:

-Panopticon new logo embroidered patch
-Panopticon classic logo embroidered patch
Seidr - For Winter Fire CD
-Bindrune Recordings Tote bags (Limited quantities)

Thank you again one an all for your patience through these busy times. Order processing the past few months indeed took a hit and degenerated to a snails pace. I had help processing orders on several occasions from generous friends during this time, but 90% of the time, the Bindrune mail room consisted of myself and an mountain of orders. Having said that, I'm finally caught up again and we are ready to roll!

Coming soon.....

Paths - In Lands Thought Lost LP
Get ready for the pre-order announcement as soon as the test pressings are approved. This is a fantastic album of Scandinavian influenced black metal from the mid-90's, featuring Panopticon's Austin Lunn on drums. Crushing!!!!


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