Eneferens join the Bindrune Family!

Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion are pleased to announce the signing of Montana's Eneferens!
The realm of doom metal has it's own life and special place in the pantheon of musicians who feel at home embracing the dark/downtrodden themes and sounds unleashed by this colorful musical medium. Eneferens planted its flag so to speak with 2 impressive releases last year that caught our ear thanks to sole innovator, Jori Apedaile's, brilliant take on the genre. “In The Hours Beneath and “The Inward Cold” were both released independently and feature a form of doom that is empowered by deep death and black metal stylistic traits that weave in superior harmonies and unshakable moments of melancholy which bring to mind the olden years of Katatonia and other doom influenced innovators found lurking in the early 90's. With varying vocal styles and a touch of folk instrumentation, Eneferens has unveiled a well of inspiration and indication of the quality yet to come.
Bindrune and Nordvis shall be giving Eneferens most recent opus, In The Hours Beneath, a worldwide release on CD/LP/Digital in the coming months as Jori continues to prepare his follow-up release slated for late fall/early winter.
Eneferens is a powerful force upcoming in the underground and we are honored to help bring this music to the woodland masses!
Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available!

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