Now accepting Eneferens Pre-Orders! Sons of Crom also available!

To say that 2017 has been a festering, crappy year, would be an understatement. Many of you know of my Wife's serious medical issues, and though I can thankfully say that she is home and on the mend, it has been an uphill battle. To all of you out there that have helped out by purchasing items from the shop and have waited patiently, and to all of you who contributed to the fundraiser..... the Rytkonen family would like to extend our love and heartfelt thanks for helping us through the dark times. 

Things are finding normalcy. Orders are being processed again quickly and Bindrune Marches on...

Speaking of which, the AMAZING "The Black Tower" by Sons of Crom is in hand. 2 CD versions, 2 LP color Variants... such a vibrant mix of musical styles, from traditional metal, black metal, to emotive Viking era Bathory appreciation, this stunning Finnish Duo is crushing! All formats are in available in the shop and ready to ship!

Next up, Bindrune and Nordvis are pleased to announce that we are accepting Pre-Orders for the moving and powerful "In the Hours Beneath" by Eneferens!

Eneferens is a one man force of creativity that envelops both of the black and deathly doom genres, twisting them with an early 90's Scandinavian spirit and a strand of uniqueness rarely experienced in these modern times. Atmospheric and endlessly expansive musically, it is amazing how such a vibrant style can offer the listener this suffocating shot of emotions. Jori Apedaile has achieved something special with this album and we are thrilled to offer the masses a vinyl treatment along with a CD reissue that features 1 bonus track not on the LP, or any other previous version of The Hours Beneath.

the time has come to snag copies of both of these fantastic releases! Thank you for your time and consideration!


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