Now accepting! Sons of Crom - The Black Gate Pre- Orders

We are pleased to announce the union of Sons of Crom with the Nordvis and Bindrune family!

The Black Gate is a very mature and deep listen that embodies the fires of black metal, traditional heavy metal and a definite affinity for the magnificent "Viking era" of Bathory!


The Riddle of Steel has been solved. The mountain's call answered, the earth conquered and spent. Now, the stars beckon - celestial gateways unlocked through ancient sepulchers, divine bloodlines, and the undying fires of spiritual rebirth.

Without regard for convention, this ethereal journey is set to unorthodox tones of grandiose heavy metal. Flowing from the deepest black abyss, through brooding melancholy and into the proud glory of the rising sun, this voyage is as bold as it is divergent.

Join our hero on a perilous quest for the eternal truth beyond the shrouds of mortality, where time and space hold no ground and the misty veil between life and afterlife is a mere illusion. Sacrifice reason and ascend - enter the Black Tower.

1. Steps Of Doom
2. In Fire Reborn
3. Fall Of Pandemonium
4. Legacy
5. Black Wings Up High
6. Summoning The Starborn
7. Viimeinen Laki
8. Rebirth Of The Sun

The new single ”Black Wings Up High” will be available on June 30th via relevant digital platforms such as:

Google play:
Spotify: Available on June 30th 

Artwork by Babalon Graphics: 

Sons of Crom - Black Wings Up High:

ORDER FOR N. America here:

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