Regarding the Panphage Pre-Orders and LPs...

I spoke to Nordvis yesterday and here’s the update on the Panphage vinyl for all of you who pre-ordered from Bindrune and have been waiting a long time….

There was a clerical/administrative error. We are only getting about half the amount of the Panphage LPs we requested. 

The package was sent to the WRONG address and because of this, they were returned to Nordvis in Sweden last week. So now the box has been resent. I have sold more copies than I’m getting from Nordvis due to the mix up, so all orders will be processed from the oldest to the newest.

Those who are recent orders, will have to wait a bit longer until the end of March where a 2nd pressing will be sent out, ERRORS BE DAMNED, and I can finally make all of this right.

The 2nd pressing is actually quite beautiful, if colored vinyl is your thing (picture attached).

We hate it when these things happen, but it does on occasion. No one has died and everyone who has ordered, will sooner, or later be getting a record.  

Thank you so much for your patience and support!


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