The Collective is dead.... Long live The Bindrune Webshop!!

Greetings friends!

After a lot of work and reorganization, the have finally taken that big step and have dismantled The Collective distro, to embrace this new and hopefully improved webstore.

Welcome to The Bindrune Webshop!! Less confusing. More customer conveniences. Yes... we have been listening to your feedback and made the switch. We hope you enjoy Bindrune Recordings new and improved place on the net to sell not only our titles, but also Nordvis Produktion releases here in the US, along with other items we find worthy of your hard earned money.

Tons of sale items are now easily browsable as well, so feel free to pick this old carcass clean!

So that's it... order with confidence. The same old heathens are here and ready to package up your orders and keep bringing you the same solid service we have been since 2000!

Take care and THANK YOU for your continued support!


New items to the shop

Woman is the Earth - Depths LP
Woman is the Earth - The Torch of our final Night LP


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